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Yann Vajda

Yann is an inspiring leader with a balanced approach to delivering short term results and long term value to the company. His capacity to build momentum around projects and initiatives with excellent team spirit has been extremely successful.

Bringing together the right people irrespectively of their reporting lines for the purpose of building a new streamlined front-to back solution is what creates value. Yann has the experience to make this possible by identifying the decision makers, their priorities and their budget constraints.

10 years of experience in risk management working with sell side and buy side desks, quantitative analysis and defining risk controls provides the quality content to the above.

The ultimate goal of risk management is to ensure that the risk effectively taken is properly rewarded in absolute return terms. The new regulations reinforce this by enticing the banks to identify the true costs of trading and maintaining a position. This in turns generates additional implementation costs. In this context, it is necessary to have competent field specialists to drive intelligent changes to the organisation. The goal is to optimise the Front-to-back “throughput” not just to make localised improvements.